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Traditional Local warm Black Olives with Garlic

Pambos is a 10th generation Cypriot who had grown up surrounded by olive trees in the village of Anarita. His family had been cultivating olives for centuries, and Pambos had always been fascinated by the fruit's many uses. From olive oil to olive paste, Pambos had learned how to make the most of the olives that his family harvested each year. One day, while Pambos was tending to the olive grove, he noticed that some of the olives on the ground had turned black and started to ferment in the sun. Curious, Pambos picked a few up and examined them more closely. He noticed that they had a warm, slightly tangy aroma and an intense garlic flavour. Intrigued, Pambos decided to taste one of the black olives, and was amazed by the explosion of flavour in his mouth. He had never tasted anything like it before – the combination of the warm, rich olive flavour with the pungent garlic was simply heavenly. Excited by his discovery, Pambos decided to experiment with different ways of preparing the black olives with garlic. He started by sautéing them in olive oil and garlic, and found that the warm, slightly sweet flavour of the olives complemented the garlic perfectly. He also tried marinating them in a mixture of olive oil, garlic, and herbs, and found that the flavours only became more intense over time. Pambos knew that he had stumbled upon something special, and decided to share his discovery with the guests of Olivios, like you.

Your hosts are husband and wife team Pambos and Elaine. Olivio is very much a family run restaurant, so you can expect the very best service and culinary experience you deserve!


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