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Traditional Cypriot & Mediterranean Specialities

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Traditional Cypriot flavours with modern culinary techniques

Welcome to Olivios, our charming Mediterranean-inspired restaurant nestled in the heart of a traditional Cypriot village, Anarita, where we pride ourselves on serving the freshest and most delicious dishes largely straight from our very own garden, the family’s or other local farms.


On The Menu

Quality Ingredients, Delicious Meals

With a passion for farm to table dining, we strive to use seasonal ingredients that are harvested at their peak, ensuring every bite bursts with flavor and nutrients. Join us and enjoy a unique dining experience, where our chefs combine traditional Cypriot flavours with modern culinary techniques. We promise to deliver not only an unforgettable meal that satisfies your taste buds, but an experience of love and joy.

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We’re in the Top 10% of all restaurants worldwide! Read our 5 star reviews at Tripadvisor

Pork Chops

With roasted vegatables

Euro 15.90

Sea Bream Fillet

Olive oil and lemon dressing

Euro 17.50

Homemade Beef Burger

Add cheese or bacon (+€2)

Euro 9.50

Creamy Tuscan Chicken

Chicken fillet cooked in butter, garlic, oregano, cherry tomatoes

Euro 15.50

From our lovely customers!

One of the best meals ever

Elaine and Pambos are extremely welcoming, kind and attentive. Everything was delicious and even when we had a problem with one of the dishes they did everything to please us. Don’t miss it if you’re around.

The very best

Two weeks spent in Cyprus (both on eastern and western side) including numerous lunches and dinners- this was the very best, by far!
Helena Karlsson


The food was exceptionally delicious, with authentic Mediterranean flavors that captivated us from the first bite. We especially want to commend the friendly staff, who were incredibly hospitable and attentive, making our experience even more enjoyable
Berislav Šepak

Best Restaurant in Paphos!

Got to be the best restaurant in Paphos wherever you are on the island it’s worth the trip. Elaine is the best host and the food is fantastic if this was the only restaurant on the island it wouldn’t be a bad thing. Reasonable prices for everything including great cocktails. Please visit highly recommend will come back again and again. Love it! Recommended dishes - Halloumi & Sesame, Chicken Santorini
Jimmy Terry

Quality and passion

Dining at Olivio Mediterranean Restaurant was an unparalleled experience, one that genuinely stands out in my culinary journey. The Olivio Signature Angus Beef Burger wasn't just a meal; it was a masterfully crafted delicacy that exemplified the zenith of culinary expertise. Every bite was a testament to the quality and passion infused into their cuisine, making it clear why this restaurant deserves a perfect cuisine rating.
Tom Dobler

Treated like royalty

Right from the moment when we set foot into the restaurant we were treated like royalty. Despite it being the quiet season in Cyprus, the food was absolutely delicious and the care and service was without fault.
Simona Sermont

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